Friday, June 17, 2011

Portfolio: Archtecture Portfolio, Software Engineer portfolio

Portfolio means a collection of work example. Which help someone to understand one’s capacity or ability in a field of work. Such as for a programmer his portfolio may contain some software, webpage, algorithms etc he developed.

Importance of portfolio depends on field of work and level of career. Say an construction engineer applying to a real estate company as a designer. Here it is good to present his portfolio or folder containing document markable previous works. But for manager a portfolio will be like providing salt for making coffee.

Actually most important purpose of making portfolio is to impress bodies. So it is no need to say people try to gather document of best performances in portfolio.

Portfolio also means a type briefcase because the word portfolio came from the art workers who were used a small case to carry some example works to display their work qualty. Now portfolio is used in a variety of discipline such as Information Technology, Graphics Design, Architectural Design etc.

Architecture student portfolio

Students of Architecture discipline has culture of saving and pursuing a strong portfolio because they believe, when they will sit for interview they have impress the examiner by the portfolio. Architecture students make a book like binding of best works. This book is called architecture student portfolio and it represents his quality to an architectural or developer farm.

Architecture portfolio examples

Architect portfolio

Both student and experience architect's portfolio is architect portfolio but people actually means the extraordinary works done by an experienced architecture who compete for owning and eligible  for medium to large projects. Sometimes well known architect's extraordinary  practices are popular to the sectoral people thereby they do not carry any portfolio. 

Software Engineer Portfolio

A portfolio of a software engineer includes some algorithm, application or total software package. Usually these are not cried in case, technology professionals upload their portfolio on a website and when need to show it, they refer to the website. Thereby each of them try to make a attractive portfolio website.